Russ Hochstein signs extension

The Patriots have extended Lineman Russ Hochstein's contract into the year 2008. The details to the deal are below.

2 years, 1.8 million dollars, 400,000 thousand dollar signing bonus

This is a solid move, Hochstein is a very good backup lineman for us and could even start. Last year he played Center for the injured Daniel Koppen. This move also could straighten out the future, Dan Koppen is a free agent next year and coming off and injury. We have to re-sign Deion Branch and Asante Samuel, if Koppen's the odd man out and goes to a different team Hochstein could take his spot, while we groom another young Center.


2 Responses to Russ Hochstein signs extension

  1. frank says:

    Great signing – The Hocker is that special kind of player that every championship team needs. He plays many positions on the line quite well and can be counted on to know his assignments every week – whether he is starting or not.
    Great attitude, spirit and is really a smart player. I am so happy we have him inked along with virtually all of our linemen on both sides of the ball (exception Koppen).

  2. I am also pleased about the signing. He is a good player and we got him at a fairly cheap price. He really does/will make our line better.

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