Deion Branch Holdout

Deion Branch held out from veteran passing camp at Gillette Stadium recently. No action will be taking against this since it is voluntary. Which means players can choose not to attend and can’t be find or punished under terms of the collective bargaining agreement.

June 13-14 Bill Belichick and the patriots will be holding their annual minicamp at Gillette Stadium. Sources close to Branch stated that “He hasn’t decided whether or not he will be on hand next week.” I understand why Branch is upset and the fact is he just wants more money. He is scheduled to earn just over $1 million after 06. While other top notch receivers are earning around $6 million a season and then factoring in bonuses/guaranteed outlay they are in the ballpark of around $10 million a year.

 Another source has stated that Branch is looking for bonuses/guarantees around $12 million. That is around $11 million increase in his salary. I agree that he is under paid for player of his caliber. But $11 million increase may be pushing it. If Branch and Patriots come to a deal around $6-10 million it wouldn’t be so bad.

One Response to Deion Branch Holdout

  1. Ricky says:

    Good article, I'm kind of dissapointed in Branch. I thought he would of stayed quite about it until next year.

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