Good bye Bethel Johnson!

The Pats have traded one huge bust (Bethel Johnson) for another (Jonathan Sullivan). Just incase you didn't understand that for some wierd reason, here it is (below).

Patriots get – DT Jonathan Sullivan

Saints get – WR Bethel Johnson

What do we get? We get a solid second string DT, behind Vince Wilfork. Sullivan has been labeled a bust, after being selected pick 6 by the New Orleans Saints. With a questionable work ethic, and eating habits, Bill Belichick will have to turn this kid around quick if he hopes to get anything out of him.

What did we lose? We lost a KR, that's it. Bethel Johnson, a former 2nd round pick, was not a good WR so losing him doesn't really affect our position. Who will replace Bethel at KR? Ellis Hobbs and Rookie Willie Andrews look to have us covered.

I love this move, I was not a big fan of Bethel Johnson and dumping him makes me happy.

4 Responses to Good bye Bethel Johnson!

  1. James says:

    Pats got Ripped Off, Bethal is the future

  2. I like the trade, Bethal has been a pretty big disapointment. But Jonathan Sullivan has some potential that Belichick he can work with.

  3. frank says:

    James, your crazy…What makes you think Bethel is suddenly going to play up to his potential? At least Sullivan has improved every year and wil actually end up being the steal of the offseason. James, you are backing the wrong horse.

  4. Ricky says:

    I don’t know if Sullivan will be the steal of the offseason, but I do know he can help our team. Hell, he’ls 335 pounds. (I will be writing a piece on Sullivan later tonight)

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