Ty Law?

 Will Ty Law make another go around with the New England Patriots? From the looks of it right now, it looks like he will. There is no secret that we defiantly need a true # 1 CB. Right now our Cornerback positions is led by 1 former fourth round pick, whose play towards the end of the 2005 season shook some heads, Asante Samuel, an undated free agent coming off a season ending injury, Randall Gay, an undersized, over confident player, who is just 2 years removed from Iowa State, Ellis Hobbs, and then two veteran players who their prior teams have given up on, in Chad Scott and Eric Warfield, and rounding out the depth chart of two more question marks, Hank Poteat and the rookie from Baylor Willie Andrews. If your a stat person, here's a fun one. In 2005 the Patriots as a team had 10 ints, Ty Law alone had 10. Interesting, uh?

We do need Ty Law. Having a number 1 CB would help us out immensity, and could lead us back to the super bowl. However if this doesn't get done, remember our motto. In Bill we Trust.


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